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Enrico Service is a free service written in PHP providing public holidays for several countries. You can use web service, json or iCalendar interface to get public holidays from Enrico. You can import public holiday dates from Enrico to your Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Microsoft Outlook or mobile phone using iCalendar interface. Each provided public holiday includes date and name of the holiday in the local language and English. Public holidays for the countries like U.S. or Germany are provided separately for each state. You can use Enrico Service to display public holidays on your website or in your desktop application written in any programming language. Although Enrico is free to use, we do not provide the source code for download. If you are interested in hosting Enrico on your server, please contact us on enrico@kayaposoft.com.
The best is to see Enrico in action.

Supported Countries

List of supported countries can be found here.

Future Enhancements

  • Support for countries: Singapore, Switzerland, Spain


Enrico friends have implemented a ruby wrapper.

Bug Reporting

If you have any questions, suggestions or corrections please send it to enrico@kayaposoft.com. Thank you for helping us keep Enrico Service up-to-date.

Help Us

We want to keep Enrico Service free for all users forever. We would appreciate any help. Here are some suggestions how users can help us:
  • Check public holidays in your country and give us a feedback if something is wrong (dates, spelling ...)
  • If there are some exact and professional resources about public holidays in your country, please point us to it
  • Support future development and constant data update by making a donation
Our email is enrico@kayaposoft.com.

Release Notes

Version 1.0.0

Date: 29 Jul 2012
Description: Initial release. Web service and json support. 29 supported countries (aut, bel, cze, dnk, eng, est, fin, fra, ger, hrv, hun, irl, isl, ita, jpn, ltu, lux, lva, nir, nld, nor, pol, prt, srb, svk, svn, swe, usa, wal).

Version 1.0.1

Date: 01 Oct 2012
Description: Fixing bug in getPublicHolidaysForDateRange()

Version 1.0.2

Date: 01 Nov 2012
Description: Support for Australia and New Zealand

Version 1.0.3

Date: 02 Dec 2012
Description: Support for Canada and Russia

Version 1.1.0

Date: 30 Dec 2012
Description: Support for iCalendar file format

Version 1.1.1

Date: 27 Mar 2013
Description: Support for South Africa

Version 1.1.2

Date: 17 May 2013
Description: Support for China

Version 1.1.3

Date: 18 Jun 2013
Description: Support for South Korea

Version 1.1.4

Date: 25 Aug 2013
Description: Support for Hong Kong

Version 1.1.5

Date: 29 Nov 2013
Description: Using HTTP header "Content-Type application/json" for JSON and "Content-Type application/javascript" for JSONP. Fixing format error in JSON response (year value was enclosed in double quotes).

Version 1.1.6

Date: 25 Feb 2014
Description: Support for Israel

Version 1.1.7

Date: 10 Nov 2014
Description: Support for Mexico

Version 1.1.8

Date: 20 Dec 2014
Description: Support for Angola

Version 1.1.9

Date: 18 May 2015
Description: Support for Isle of Man

Version 1.1.10

Date: 26 Aug 2015
Description: Support for Ukraine

Version 1.1.11

Date: 08 Nov 2015
Description: Changing country code for Germany (from GER to DEU), South Korea (from ROK to KOR) and Wales (from WAL to WLS) to conform with ISO 3166-1 alpha-3. Old codes (GER, ROK and WAL) are still working.

Version 1.1.12

Date: 18 Dec 2015
Description: Support for Romania

Version 1.1.13

Date: 09 May 2016
Description: Support for Colombia

Version 1.1.14

Date: 20 Aug 2016
Description: Support for Brazil

Version 1.1.15

Date: 04 Nov 2016
Description: Support for Scotland

Version 1.1.16

Date: 27 Feb 2017
Description: Support for CORS in JSON response. Adding HTTPS using Let's encrypt.

Version 1.1.17

Date: 20 Mar 2017
Description: Support for Greece

Version 1.1.18

Date: 02 Oct 2017
Description: Support for Macedonia

Version 1.1.19

Date: 04 Oct 2017
Description: Support for Bosnia and Herzegovina
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