iCalendar Guide For Enrico


If you don't know what is iCalendar, learn more here. iCalendar is an RFC standard and is suitable for calendar data exchange. You can use it when you want to import public holiday dates from Enrico to other application (such as Google Calendar or Apple Calendar) or to your smart phone like iPhone or Android phone. iCalendar is supported by a large number of products, including Google Calendar, Apple Calendar (formerly iCal), Yahoo! Calendar, Lightning extension for Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook and many more. You can use also other interfaces to get data from Enrico. When you are a software developer consider using web service interface or JSON interface.

Query Parameters in iCalendar URL

iCalendar URL looks like http://www.kayaposoft.com/enrico/ics/v1.0?fromDate=04-07-2012&toDate=04-07-2014&country=usa&region=District+Of+Columbia. The description of query parameters is following:
fromDateMandatory attribute. Public holiday dates after this date but including this date (if this date is public holiday) will be returned.
toDateMandatory attribute. Public holiday dates before this date but including this date(if this date is public holiday) will be returned.
countryMandatory attribute. Country code. See 'Country Code' column.
regionMandatory attribute for some countries. Name of region (state) within country. See 'Regions' column. If there is no region defined for the country, this value is ignored by Enrico Service so you do not need to specify it.
enOptional attribute. If specified and has non-empty value public holiday names in English are returned. Otherwise public holiday names in local language are returned.
All data coming to and from Enrico is UTF-8 encoded.


  • Get public holiday dates in 2014 for Hungary in Hungarian in iCalendar format: http://www.kayaposoft.com/enrico/ics/v1.0?fromDate=01-01-2014&toDate=31-12-2014&country=hun. See it in action.
  • Get public holiday dates in 2014 for Hungary in English in iCalendar format: http://www.kayaposoft.com/enrico/ics/v1.0?fromDate=01-01-2014&toDate=31-12-2014&country=hun&en=1. See it in action.
  • Get public holiday dates from 04 July 2012 (including) to 04 July 2014 (including) for United States of America (District Of Columbia) in iCalendar format: http://www.kayaposoft.com/enrico/ics/v1.0?fromDate=04-07-2012&toDate=04-07-2014&country=usa&region=District+Of+Columbia. See it in action.
  • Get public holiday dates from 01 January 2013 (including) to 30 June 2013 (including) for Germany (Baden-W├╝rttemberg) in iCalendar format: http://www.kayaposoft.com/enrico/ics/v1.0?fromDate=01-01-2013&toDate=30-06-2013&country=ger&region=Baden-W%C3%BCrttemberg. See it in action.

How to Import Public Holiday Dates to Your Favourite Application

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